Kimberly Haniff

Code is Magic and Data is Revolutionary!

Hello I'm Kimberly Haniff,
A Solutions Architect. Specialized on Creating Data, Digital Product & Development

I can magically turn your problems into innovative solutions

Code is magic! This is my mantra. It fuels my passion for infinite possibilities and my drive to deliver solutions that strengthen stakeholder value. I love my work, and tend to be quite at times. Especially when my brain is mulling over new solutions that can deliver better business outcomes.

Animals are my great love in this world, as such, I enjoy being a volunteer at the non-profit organisation Horses Helping Humans. Our aim is to support learning development in kids with autism through their interaction with these magnificent animals.

Soulful conversations are also a delight. I love learning about people’s diverse backgrounds. As a vegetarian, its a challenge to find new dishes to try, however, I love the way food brings people together and make every attempt to socialise around tasty meals.

Where my career is concerned, my passions include software development, automation, databases, data-warehousing, user story testing, VMs, network administration, and, of course, server management. Need expert help in any of these areas? Contact me today!


Akleema Ali

I am so tremendously grateful for crossing paths with Kimberly Haniff of K² Web Solutions @ksquaredtt. She created my company website to fit both my brand and personality. The final creation was 100% in alignment with my goals and intentions. I am totally grateful for her skills, her sheer talent and genius mind. Her website has received rave reviews and feedback from my colleagues from United States, France and Sweden.

Devani Bohal


What would I do without you Kimmy ? I simply do not know . You are simply so tasteful in all of your creations . You listen to me , you communicate with me . You are always able to meet deadlines and NEVER disappoint. All this with with that magical human touch of yours which makes me feel so comfortable to work with you . May you always excel with that “Kimmy” touch that you have . You add so much to what I’m passionate about and for this I will always remain eternally grateful 😇

Jerusha Kantasingh

Kimberly at K Squared has been instrumental in bringing my vision for to life. From the outset, she demonstrated remarkable receptiveness to my ideas, ensuring that the website had the look and feel I was after. Her expertise and attention to detail throughout the process were appreciated, as it was crucial to have a professionally designed website that I could seamlessly build upon.

What truly sets Kimberly apart is her unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. She was not only knowledgeable but also attentive and accommodating, readily making any necessary changes. Working with Kimberly was a truly collaborative experience, and I am immensely grateful for her outstanding work. If you're seeking a dedicated professional who can bring your vision to fruition, I highly recommend Kimberly at K Squared. Thank you, Kim, for your invaluable contributions!